2 mai 2010


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1 Priest 1 Nun is a video shock which became a buzz of the web. The original video is very disgusting, vulgar and unusual. it puts in star a man (= Priest) and a woman (=nun) for some minutes, devoting itself to a yucky act.
Thus I warn: Not for the squeamish !!!

Besides the obscene contents, the reason which made of
1 Priest 1 Nun a buzz is to records its reaction during the viewing of the video and to post it the extract on Web. Hundreds of videos of the " reactions to
1 Priest 1 Nun " exist now, in particular on Dailymotion and YouTube.Thus, I select the best of these reactions!

To view the
1 Priest 1 Nun original video, It is here!

To view the reactions (more interesting than the video
1 Priest 1 Nun) it is here!

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